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How to Get Attention at Big Conventions Like TechCrunch Disrupt?


TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 was definitely a blast for me as a first timer, even more so being an exhibitor. I was lucky enough to experience this world’s most renowned convention for new technologies, revolutionary startups and creative entrepreneurs with iTutorGroup, seeing all the cool gizmos and gadgets.

You could definitely feel creative and innovate energy throughout the whole convention. Being at a convention with over 4,000 attendees and among those folks who are probably doing similar businesses, getting some attention from media, VCs and big guys is the number one challenge. Here’re some tips for you to stand out on a big convention.




What’s more fun than having interactive activities happening? iTutorGroup kept the energy going for three entire days with live streamed yoga, dancing, cooking and startup accelerator sessions. Powered by its human-to-human technology, people around the globe were able to join these sessions live along with TechCrunch Disrupt attendees.



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The Best Costume Award goes to this girl from Jobbatical, a startup helping people find jobs overseas. Not sure if they won over the hearts of VCs, but they definitely won lots of attention.




When you hand over good giveaways, people would flood in to your booth too. Pens and stickers are no longer “attractive enough” when sunglasses, backpacks, hoodies or other good “swags” are offered.



Of course the best way to win attention is with your great ideas! I was really excited to see entrepreneurs from all over the world, being in one place and showcasing their solutions and products to make people’s life better. 24/7 online language learning ecosystem, real-time expert on-demand communication platform, recovering game for Alzheimer patients, lawn trimming robots, virtual reality 360 camera and all the fantastic ideas made TechCrunch Disrupt one of the best experiences of 2016.


Author:  Haokun Wang

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