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Product Designer

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  • At least 3+ years of experience designing apps that people use love to use. In this role, you’ll help design innovative, usable, and buildable phone, tablet, and laptop/desktop applications.
  • You’re a problem solver — you love taking complex functionality and making it simple and elegant, and delight in designing thoughtful details into a solution.
  • Your blend of interaction design, information architecture, and visual design skills enables
  • You to explore ideas from a variety of perspectives.
  • Additionally, because software is an interactive medium, you enjoy creating (and/or) collaborating to create) prototypes that illustrate how an app will look and work.



  • Solve design challenges.
  • You have experience in interaction design, information architecture, and/or visual design.
  • While it’s rare to find someone deeply skilled in all design disciplines, you are deep in at least two and have some skills in the third. Based on your skills, you’ll create annotated wireframes, visual design comps, user flows, and/or paper and interactive prototypes as necessary in order to explore ideas and document design decisions.
  • Participate in user research.
  • Solving design challenges requires understanding the problems users face, and the best solutions often stem from insightful questions and observations. You’ll participate in user research and help create artifacts (e.g., user profiles, user stories) that inform the design process.
  • Participate in usability testing.
  • Often it takes a few iterations to find the right design solution. You will help prepare materials to support usability tests, help interpret results, and modify designs based on the outcomes.


Key capabilities

  • Ability to create artifacts that illustrate how an app will look and work (e.g., wireframes, user flows, visual design comps, paper and interactive prototypes)
  • Fluency with design tools you love to use (e.g., OmniGraffle, Adobe tools, Sketch)
  • Strong understanding of interface design principles; navigation and architecture; and typography, color, and layout principles
  • Familiarity with standards-compliant web design and the capabilities and constraints provided by CSS, JavaScript libraries, mobile app frameworks, etc.
  • Collaborate with technical team members
  • Speak and write well, play well with others, and engage with clients
  • Experience in consulting and the ability to deal with ambiguity
  • Willingness to travel to client locations and collaborate with distributed delivery teams



  • Bachelor’s degree in a design discipline (or relevant experience).


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