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You will have a chance to work with a small group of talented engineers and make significant contributions to the design and development of a new generation of a global scale cloud-based collaborative education platform with the focus on scalability, performance and high availability.

Location: Shanghai
Salary: Competitive
Starting date: ASAP


· Design, develop, and implement the next generation of a global scale cloud-based collaborative platform with the emphasis on micro services.

. Implement Java based signaling and application servers using web sockets.

· Monitor and improve performance metrics.

· Conduct unit-testing and participate in the review and analysis of test plan and test cases.

· Support the deployment of software applications to the cloud environment.

· Work closely with product managers and other stake holders on seamless deployment procedures with high availability and fail-over.



· 5+ years of experience working in cloud platform development environments

· Exceptional knowledge of CS fundamentals, algorithms, data structures, and OOD/OOP principles.

· Experience building scalable and high performance software with focus on server-side development.

· Extensive experience in Java working throughout the full stack.

· Experience development in Web apps, REST, J2EE, Open Source Software, Web Sockets, Jetty, Apache MINA, SIP etc.

· Strong Knowledge of asynchronous network programming (JAVA NIO), Signaling and Application Servers for call control, session management in collaboration services like video/audio.

· Experience in Amazon AWS

· Strong communication skills

· Experience working with geographically distributed teams

· BS in Computer Science

· Experience with SIP/WebRTC/Kurento

· Gstreamer experience / Audio and video Codec

· Database knowledge

· Advanced degree in CS

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