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  • After an on-demand interview, you will be taken to a page where you can attach your resume file and any other supporting files, such as your portfolio and cover letter.

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  • You need a computer with microphone and webcam capabilities. You can also use an external microphone and webcam. Please test your equipment before you begin the interview.

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1.Select expiration date (number of days interview will expire after candidate applies to position)

2.Add interview questions

3.Select a time limit for each interview question

4.Hit save or save for later to come back

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1.Enter in the name of the job

2.Select number of job openings

3.Enter in physical location of the job

4.Select contract type (Full-time, Part-time, Contract)

5.Enter in job description

6.Hit save or save for later to come back

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1.Go to the User Manager tab

2.Click the add new user button

3.Enter First and Last Name

4.Enter email address

5.Select the user role of site admin or basic

6.Save new user

7.User will receive an activation email to set up and activate their account

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  • As a candidate, you can only take an on-demand interview once. If you had any issues during the interview, you can contact your recruiter to see if you can take another interview.
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1.Go to H2H Jobs Homepage

2. Enter username and password

3. Click “Login”

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1.On the log in page, click the Forgot Password link

2.Enter your email to reset password

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1.Click avatar to access profile information

2.Enter your current password

3.Enter new password

4.Repeat new password

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1.Go to the Job Dashboard

2.Click on the job position you want to edit

3.Click on ’Job Position Set Up’

4.Navigate the left-hand menu to change the job description, on-demand interview questions, and hiring team

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1.Select the users who will be recruiters for this job

2.Select the users who will be interviewers for the on-demand interview

3.Finish set up

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  • After you apply for a position, you will receive an email giving you instructions and a personalized link to conduct the on-demand interview
  • Once you click your personalized link, you will be taken to the interview portal where you can test your interview equipment. Be sure to find a quiet and well-lit place to make sure your video and audio recording is crisp and clear.
  • After you test your equipment, you will have a set of interview questions and you need to record a video response for each. You only have one chance to record your video response so take time to think through your response. Also each interview question will have a time limit which you need to record your response within.
  • Click ‘Start recording’ when you’re ready to record your response and once you’re done, you can click ’Stop recording.’
  • After you finish recording all your responses, you will be asked to attach your resume and any supporting documents.
  • Once you attach your documentation, you will receive a confirmation email telling you that your responses have been submitted and the hiring team will follow up with you.

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