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Be in Control

What we do to break meeting limits

h2h meet multiplatform

Share your thoughts with our Liveboard with no limitations

 h2h meet search engine
Live Translator

Understand different language speakers better

h2h meet multiplatform
Multi-platform Support

Watch, Record, attend on any device at any time (iOS) (Android) (Mac) (Windows)

 h2h meet recording

Record your sessions and play back later

 h2h meet group chat
Group Chat

Chat to group any time during the session

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Screen Share

Share any of your screens

 h2h meet file upload
Upload and Annotation

Drag and drop documents. Share, annotate and collaborate instantly with others

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H2H Meet is an all in one video conferencing application that allows you to create or join


unlimited meetings with anybody at anytime, anywhere, on any device. There is no limitation on number of meetings, minutes, hosts or attendees.

speech to text, live translation, and multiple languages

H2H Share

broadcasts LiveShare (

live webcast or webinars

) sessions around the world. LiveShare sessions are live webcasts given by passion driven individuals, organizations, corporations( companies ), non-profit organizations about the topic of their choice. Interpreters are available to

live translate

live webcasts


multiple languages

H2H Learn is an online education, learning management system, and e-learning application that enables any organization or individual to design and offer online courses live or on-demand, supported by latest video communication technologies and additional features such as course management, user management, quiz, surveys.- Stress-free course management. Convenient content creation, resource management, Customized user management, data and information protection, feedback and review collection

LiveH2H platform

(Human-2-Human) is a world-class communication platform which enables everyone to communicate, collaborate, learn and share freely. It empowers anybody to build additional features on top of the basic online communication function to satisfy and fit for different needs. Every application are offered with live translators to expand to a global audience.