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iTutorGroup Revolutionizes Education with Big Data

Jerry Huang, COO of iTutorGroup, Nikhil Sinha, Senior Advisor to CEO of Coursera, David Liu, President & COO of Knewton and Sandra Harding, Vice Chancellor and President of James Cook University Australia spoke on a panel at IFC 7th Global Private Education Conference in Hong Kong.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 10, 2016 — World leaders in education met this week at IFC 7th Global Private Education Conference(IFC 7 G.P.E.C.) in Hong Kong to accelerate innovation in education in emerging markets. IFC is part of World Bank Group and works to address the greatest development challenges in developing countries.

This year’s conference focused on building sustainable business partnerships and leveraging technology to accelerate innovation. Jerry Huang, COO of iTutorGroup was part of a panel that discussed role of technology in the education space. Besides Huang, this panel introduced Sandra Harding, Vice Chancellor and President of James Cook University Australia; David Liu, President & COO of Knewton and Nikhil Sinha, Senior Advisor to CEO of Coursera.

The panel agreed that teachers, students and content represent critical components of education ecosystem. “Online players that can bring these elements together in an individualized learning environment, will ultimately change the way education is done,” says Huang.

Both Huang and Liu share the same belief that personalized learning is a necessity for the world. One size fits all is a dead model which also explains why MOOC based platforms haven’t managed to become truly successful. The only way to maximize learning outcomes is to provide truly individualized learning which is why iTutorGrouphas been so successful.

Huang further explains: “Our belief is that to solve education problem and really leverage technology, we need to provide a service model that enables live human-to-human services that are highly personalized and thus solve individual learner’s problem.” According to Huang, live human-to-human interaction is the next business model of the future. This is where education meets big data, easy access to experts on demand and high efficacy rates.

About iTutorGroup

With more than 5,000 teachers in 60 countries around the world, iTutorGroup is the largest online education platform that provides real-time interactive language training and easy access to experts on-demand through tens of millions of classes annually.