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LiveH2H Launches New Corporate Program Suite


LiveH2H Launches New Corporate Program Suite that Enables HR Pros to Interview Candidates, Conduct Training Sessions and More, All Online on Nearly Any Device Anywhere


Santa Clara, Calif. and Chicago – October 4, 2016 – Businesses worldwide spent more than $1.2 trillion on travel in 2015, an amount that will grow nearly 6 percent by the end of this decade, according to the Global Business Travel Association. Video collaboration is a proven way for businesses to eliminate the expense and wasted productivity of unnecessary trips, but the cost and complexity of traditional videoconferencing and webinar tools undermines their adoption and benefits.


A new, free, enterprise-grade interaction platform eliminates those drawbacks. LiveH2H’s Corporate Program offers an end-to-end video conferencing solution that enables businesses and other organizations to meet their videoconferencing needs including, recruiting and interviewing, hosting webinars, conducting internal and external online meetings as well as corporate trainings, and other online interaction experiences. LiveH2H and its 24-hour live support is offered for free globally and available on nearly any smartphone, tablet or PC.


LiveH2H doesn’t require users to download software or install browser plug-ins, except for screenshare on certain browsers. That eliminates two major barriers to online interaction: company security policies that prohibit downloads and plug-ins, and the frustration that some users experience trying to figure out how to install third-party software.


LiveH2H is turnkey suite that includes:


  • H2H Learn enables HR and other departments to offer online training courses, such as for onboarding sessions for new employees, new benefit plans and sales programs, using live and recorded content. It’s ideal for maximizing the expertise and productivity of internal and third-party experts because they no longer have to travel to multiple offices to train everyone. H2H Learn also includes quizzes, participant tracking and other tools to support goals such as ensuring compliance with laws, industry best practices and company policies.


  • H2H Jobs streamlines the process of interviewing and assessing candidates with templates and tools for creating and tracking questionnaires, recording video interviews and more. H2H Jobs also makes it fast and easy to share each candidate’s video, Q&A and other information with hiring managers and other reviewers.


  • H2H Share is ideal for webinars, all-hands meetings and other sessions where lifelike HD video and the ability to ask questions are key for providing a participant experience in the same way as if everyone were in the same room. H2H Share also includes live audio interpretation capability for any language, so it’s ideal for organizations with many international employees, business partners or customers who want to connect with their global constituents in their local languages.


  • H2H Meet provides HD videoconferencing, interactive virtual whiteboards, screen sharing and other tools that enable employees, business partners and customers to collaborate as efficiently and effectively as they would in an in-person meeting. H2H Meet also supports live transcription, live translation and recording, making it ideal for international meetings, including ones where time-zone differences mean some people can’t attend in real time.


LiveH2H also features a streamlined, intuitive user interface that’s designed to provide a great experience on any screen size. The highest industry-defined security standards are used for all LiveH2H video conferencing products including SSL for login and content management, meeting delivery over encrypted connections worldwide.


“LiveH2H platform not only offers an integrated series of video conferencing apps to be used by all company departments, but by offering API’s and SDK’s it can also be integrated with any existing CRM, CMS, or ERP system to enable organizations to run a meeting from any existing systems they use, including a new integration with Slack—a widely-used team communication tool,” said Shayan Mashatian, Head of Platform Business, LiveH2H. “Unlike other standalone meeting software products in the market, the integration capabilities of LiveH2H in the company’s IT systems improves productivity and performance of local and global teams, and supports organization-wide expansion and growth.”


The entire LiveH2H suite is available for demo during the HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago at booth #1657 on October 5 and 6. Use of LiveH2H does not require registration or login, either as a host or attendee.


About LiveH2H

LiveH2H, an iTutorGroup company, is a communication platform dedicated to facilitating communication, engagement, collaboration and education across the globe. LiveH2H enables users to go beyond traditional video conferencing through enabling live human-to-human interaction using cutting-edge innovation in online communication.


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