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Is H2H Meet secure enough for corporate client?

Yes, H2H Meet can be trusted.

Secure Web Content

SSL is enabled for login and content management. All logins are conducted over HTTPS connections, and all subsequent content and meetings are delivered over encrypted HTTPS and RTMPS connections.

Secure Streaming Content

Encrypted connections are made over HTTPS and RTMPS to securely deliver video/audio streamed content.

Secure Database

H2H Meet application server is designed to prevent unauthorized remote access to the database. H2H Meet Server uses only prepared statements to communicate with the database, thereby preventing the most common remote SQL exploits.

H2H Meet Server further checks the validity of arguments to the database and finally performs a security check on each access to every key in the database. It also encrypts columns in the database that contain sensitive data. Even someone with full access to the database server is not able to access user passwords or other sensitive information.

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