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What do I need if I’m using IE?

1. Click the ‘Install Now’ button to deactivate the popup blocker and proceed.
2. Click the ‘Install Now’ button which will popup asking if you want to Save or Run the plugin. Click on ‘Run’ button

(If you don’t have the permission to install this plug-in, please contact your administrator)The plug-in is at the following URL as of 5/23/2016:
You can directly go to this link and install too.
3. The Plugin setup window will open as shown below
4. Check the box to accept the License Agreement. The Install button will then be enabled.
5. Click on ‘Install’ button to start the plugin installation. Once the installation is successful you will get the ‘Finish’ button as shown below5
6. Click on Finish button to close the plugin installation screen.
7. Close the current meeting window and re-click “ATTEND” button again to join the meeting.
NOTE: If you continue seeing the missing plugin message on your meeting screen, please delete your browser’s cache and access live H2H site again.

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